Thursday, December 02, 2010

Yep, Montblanc Killed my MacBook Pro Today

One of my fps. Not a Montblanc. I don't use a MacBook Pro either.

I just finished a 20,000+ word writing project using a fountain pen instead of a laptop which took a lot less time than you might imagine. I've used fountain pens off and on for 40 years and whenever I remember to use them, I wonder how I could have forgotten them in the first place. I can write for hours without muscle fatigue or having my hand cramp up. With the right paper and ink and if the nib is tuned you feel like you're writing on a sheet of glass. They are a beautiful and elegant way to put words onto paper.

I found this article which sums up the differences between fountain pens and laptops. Maybe there's a fountain pen in your future too, even if you don't want to completely spit the high tech hook. :)

NSFW: Yep, Montblanc Killed my MacBook Pro Today


JuliaR said...

Nice writing - it flowed like a fountain pen!

Peter Reichert said...

Thank you! I find writing longhand puts totally different words into my head. It's like using a keyboard requires some left brain input which hinders the flow or something. I'm finding it very interesting.