Monday, January 03, 2011

Ink sampler

I corralled all the inks in the house, and using a broad italic nib, did an ink test on various types/finishes of paper. This is a block of Clairefontaine Triomphe which has a very smooth surface and is great for nibs with wet, juicy ink flow - although it does take an extra second or three to dry. You can see the shading in most of these inks. BTW, putting a, "t" on Sheaffer's Scrip ink is a habit I've had since the 1970s and one I'm finding exceedingly hard to break!

Natalie Goldberg's, Writing Down the Bones, is a classic book for wannabee writers and is very inspirational. I highly recommend it.


JuliaR said...

They are all lovely, but for pure distinctiveness, I might choose the Noodlers Black Swan, I think.

Peter Reichert said...

Yes, it's a great ink. I like it a lot.